We are looking for you female 18 to 60 years
as a new porn amateur in the amateur porn club
Regular amateur porn shoots
in 84137 Vilsbiburg (Lower Bavaria)
Daily payment - in cash, of course.
Are you still torturing yourself in your work??
are you already with us and earning real money?




Our search:

We are constantly looking for girls and women between the ages of 18 and 60 who are interested in shooting hot amateur porn and who want to make above-average money regularly and in the long term. If you start with us today, it could be that we will still be working together successfully in 10 years (even if you are 50 or older if you want).
It's important to start young (18+) to build a certain "fan base" early on and over the long term.
With us, as a porn beginner, you earn just as much as media-known porn stars who shoot their hot porn films with us.
When it comes to acting fees, we do not differentiate between top stars and beginners.
We're looking for the nice girl next door with kinky fantasies that she'd like to act out in front of the porn cam.
Gladly inexperienced and curious about new things, who like to show themselves and have fun romping about sexually in front of the camera.
We are also very happy to respond to your personal wishes and ideas, as long as this is also a market economy.
However, we are also looking for experienced media-known women from business who have been successfully working in the industry for years,
still enjoy their job, still go regularly to porn shoots, sex parties or swinger clubs and are not yet fully utilized sexually.
Open-minded couples (not jealous) are also welcome to prove themselves in our group sex productions.
We are only looking for people here who like to show themselves in front of a camera, feel really comfortable doing it, shoot porn for fun and conviction and also want to earn a good, above-average income from it. Why not make money with the most beautiful thing in the world?
Women between 18 and 35 years old who like to shoot adult films as porn actresses or as amateur porn actresses.



Our production themes (genre) are:

Solo recordings only with the lady * girl / girl / boy threesome * girl / boy / boy threesome * girl / boy single actions
Sperm parties (up to 12 men) * Group sex up to 18 men with 2 - 3 women * Gangbang (up to 12 men) * Men surplus (up to 12 men).
The recordings take place in our studio in 84137 Vilsbiburg in Lower Bavaria - indoors and in summer partly outdoors.



This is what you can expect in terms of time, work and fee:
A production day with us takes about 8 hours (never longer)
On one production day, 7 takes, each lasting 25 to 35 minutes, are produced. (takes are scenes that are shot)
We pay a daily fee of 500 euros for this, with a total of around 3 hours of actual work in front of the camera.
For two consecutive production days we pay a flat rate of 750 euros - for three consecutive production days 1000 euros.
The payment to you will be made in cash immediately after the day(s) of shooting.
Of course, we will also cover your expenses (travel expenses, overnight stays, etc.). If you don't have enough money to pre-finance your journey yourself,
we will also reserve a train ticket for you. You can then pick up the reserved ticket directly at your station without paying.
So you have no risk and can only win with us and also experience a lot of fun and action. (It's almost like vacation).
If you want, you can also bring someone you trust with you to the shooting dates. (boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, whoever you want to bring)



Your application profile:

Your age: between at least 18 years and up to 60 years. (also older if you are appreciated for being younger).
Your body: Slim - to normal (body weight and height should match.)
For example, a body weight of 85 kg and a height of 166 cm would be too much. - or 160 kg body weight at 180cm body height would be far too much.
Nationality: European, African, Asian, Indian, American or Latina. All nationalities are welcome.
Sexual: Sexually minded, not uptight, have no problem with semen. (e.g. on the body, face or mouth). You should enjoy sex
and then feel comfortable in front of the porn camera. Your sexual preferences and taboos are of course also taken into account by us.
Contraception: You should take care of your own protection against pregnancy. We carry out health tests (rapid test for HIV, HCV and syphilis) before each production,
and then shoot basically AO (without condoms).
About you: You should be reliable and be 100% reliable when you meet appointments that have been agreed in advance. (Short-term cancellations should remain an exception).





We have enough and different masks ready for you. (See pictures)
You are also very welcome to bring your own mask and/or wig to the shoot.


If you have any questions, just call or send a WhatsApp message.
Mobile: +49 (0) 1575 10 57 250 ( Peter ) or +49 (0) 177 918 13 28 ( Sandra )
You can also email us your questions: * * *


Would you like to start earning money regularly and shoot amateur porn?

Then please fill out and send the application now!

The completed application (with all file attachments) is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.



Submit your application today - Never worry about money again!
Immediately after receipt of the application, we will arrange a first shooting appointment as soon as possible


under such circumstances
As a matter of principle, we will prosecute false applications (e.g. from men who pretend to be women).
In particular, if images were sent in the attachment whose image rights cannot be proven.
Therefore, we expect every applicant to verify the authenticity in the form of a photo in real time.
(A selfie of you, with the current date, first name, date of birth and the words APC Film)
Anyone who cannot or does not want to provide this proof must expect a criminal complaint without exception.
(Suspected identity theft, violation of the right to one's own image, fraud with intent, etc.)
We also do not feel obligated to inform people that we have filed or will file criminal charges against them.

If you have any questions, just call or send a WhatsApp message.
Mobile: +49 (0) 1575 10 57 250 ( Peter ) or +49 (0) 177 918 13 28 ( Sandra )
You can also email us your questions: * * *




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