We are looking for you female 18 to 60 years
as a new porn amateur in the amateur porn club
Regular amateur porn shoots
in 84137 Vilsbiburg (Lower Bavaria)

Daily payment - of course in cash


We are permanently looking for women aged 18 and over who want to make a lot of money in the long term by shooting hot porn & amateur porn.

We pay 500 Euros for a day of shooting / 800 days for two days of shooting (masked with an eye mask, however, a little less)
Payment will be made in cash immediately after the day / days of shooting.

We are only looking for women who like to show themselves in front of a camera, feel comfortable with it and want to earn at least 400 euros / day.

Why not make money with the most beautiful thing in the world? Our search relates to nice ladies, with a lot of fun and passion.

Women who are not stuck (even if inexperienced) and are very open about sex and eroticism.

Women between the ages of 18 and 60 who enjoy and enjoy it as a porn actress or as an amateur porn actress

To make erotic films, which we then market with you as a private amateur here and also on many other amateur communities.



We are looking for the nice girl next door with dirty fantasies that she would like to live in front of the camera.

you are inexperienced and curious about new things, you would like to show yourself and you love to have fun and sex in front of the camera.

We are also looking for experienced women from the business who have been successful as porn amateurs for years.

They still have fun at work, go to porn shoots regularly, and they're still underutilized.

But open-minded couples who are not jealous can prove themselves with our group sex shootings.

Word got around in business that we are still one of the highest paid porn productions in Europe.




We keep our promises.

Get a safe daily salary of 500 euros (400 euros) and at the same time

A guaranteed monthly income of at least 2000 euros (1600 euros) with 4 guaranteed production days per month.

Do not trust the promised offers with a profit department

Because sometimes the sparrow by the hand is better than the promised pigeon that never reached the roof.


CAUTION: by fraudsters


We guarantee 500 euros (400 euros) per day (paid in cash immediately after the day of shooting)

or 2000 euros (1600 euros) per month with only 4 production days per month.

Your salary is in brackets (.....) if you want to film anonymously with an eye mask.



ATTENTION: This job is only for women between 18 years and 60 years.

Men don't make money from us. 


Men are sponsors who, as the turning partner of women,

can contribute financially to the production costs.




 We have enough and different masks ready for you. (See pictures)

You can also bring your own mask and / or wig to the shoot.


The filming topics are: Solo - Sextoys - Bondage - Spanking - Girl / Girl - Girl / Boy - Virtual - POV - Sperm - Group sex - Gangbang - Surplus of men.

We are looking for every type of woman. Whether slim (but not skinny) sporty, but also like - light - chubby (also the so-called Rubens model).

Nationality and skin color are also not important to us. We are looking for Europeans, Africans, Asians, Indians, Americans or Latinas.


The most important thing for us is that you enjoy presenting yourself in front of the porn camera.

We upload the finished videos and images to selected and established amateur portals and offer them for purchase (download or streaming).


With us you are a firmly booked amateur porn actress, with a firmly agreed fair daily salary.

Depending on the length and occupancy of the day of shooting, this is between 400 and 500 euros per day. Payment is made in cash immediately after each day of shooting.



The whole thing is meant as a nice, cool leisure fun that should be fun, bring you a regular income or a good pocket money and also completely

can also be done as a side job in your free time after making an appointment.

Also well suited for the unemployed or Harz IV recipients who still have a lot of months left at the end of the money. Financial worries would then be a thing of the past.




It can remain a nice side job for you, but it can also become your main source of income in the long run. The film is being shot in Lower Bavaria.

Of course we also take over your expenses (travel expenses, overnight stays etc.). If you don't have enough cash to pay for your trip yourself,

We also reserve a train ticket for you. You can then pick it up directly at your train station without paying.

So you can only win with us and also have a lot of fun and action.


Would you like to earn something extra on the side? They are not tense, sexually open, and not prude.

Then apply to us and you will receive a top fee from the start, which you cannot earn anywhere else.

This is guaranteed to be several thousand euros per month with 4 - 5 working days / month, which you can even split up yourself.


If you have any questions, just call or send a WhatsApp message.

Mobile: +49 (0) 157 510 57 250 (Peter) or +49 (0) 176 962 90 365 (Alexandra)


You can also send us your questions by email:


Do you want to earn money and start shooting amateur porn regularly?

Then please fill out the application and send it!

The completed application (with all file attachments) is a prerequisite for successful cooperation



Submit application now and never have to worry about money again !!

Immediately after receipt of the application, we will promptly make an initial shooting date.




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